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surgicalinform, Spine surgery
We produce invalid solutions giving priority to minimal invasive surgery, microsurgical, percutan or endoscopic methods which give the least harm to tissues, specially planned for your body structure by the most technological devices. We complete the due long appointmen  processes which may be wanted pre operation as Tomography, Magnetic Resonence (MRI). Angiography and Pozitron Emission Tomography (PET-CT) in a day. While planning your treatment for you, we rigorously research the reliability of the preferred method, the results all over the world, success and complication ratios and the cost. We plan with your doctor considering your expectations and risks. In some cases classical surgery techniques or some  traditional treatments may be more useful or less risky for you. At this stage your being open and trust in the doctor planning your tereatment means to complete  the half of your treatment.


1-    Trust your doctor : The doctor who will give you a medical treatment  is your consultant, you will make a decision together, please ask the questions stuck in your mind openly.
2-    The doctor wants to trust in his patient : The doctor wants to be sure that the patient will act upon his advice for his treatment and operation. Start the treatment thinking positively and believing to benefit from it. Whatever the people around you say shouldn’t affect you and your decision only interests you, it is your own responsibility.
3-    Determine your expectations and treatment probabilities totally: For this reason you will be informed at every stage of your treatment and you will interactively involved in the direction of your own  treatment.
4-    The rehabilitation of harmony and life : After the completion of your treatment, it is obligatory to be away from all risk factors for the success of your long term treatment. In this sense, to get rid of your habits like diet, smoking excessive alcohol drinking which may harm your body, regular exercise, medication if necessary and to continue doctor checks will make you healthy in long term.

Contrary to common belief, instead of naming the surgical intervention as a last resort it will be true to say "to attempt correct to appropriate patient at a proper time". The application of surgery as a last resort or to wait until the last stage of the illness minimizes or zeroes  the effect of the treatment. Do not forget that every intervention has risk at a certain rate and only you suffer the pain, not another one

We aim to restore your health and meet up your beloved ones ın a very quick and comfortable way

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We plan the treatment prior to you considering your own preferences interactively. So initially; it will be enough to fill in the form with details of your factual medical information. After  the consultations of different doctors about your treatment, you will be informed about your treatment plan, possible risks, success ratios, envisaged hospital to stay under normal circumstances, your average length of stay and an ascertained  cost by e mail within 24 - 48 hours. Afterwards if you have any questions, we will answer them and if you accept, we will give you a phone call to inform about the details. We recommend you to inform us about your arrival date at least two weeks before.
From your arrival at Antalya airport, your transfers, your stay at all inclusive 3,  4 or 5 star hotels depending on your will and availability, all routine checks at the hospital, your examination and operation will be followed and assisted by us. Same day or after a day of rest you will meet the doctor to examine you. At these stages, our translators will serve you escorting either at morning and evening  visits or helping you on the phone at any time  during the working hours or whole day depending on the number of the patients. After the doctor who performed your treatment has given you the flight and medical permit (Fit to fly), you will be followed-up at every stage until you go to the airport, your all medical process will be under the control of your medical specialist who is also a surgeon. You can reach the other details from Surgical Mission & Organization and  Payment Fees.

Correspondingly, we recommend you to have a companion of yours whom you will prefer to back up cordly.

We aim to restore your health and meet up your beloved ones ın a very quick and comfortable way