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Although beauty and aesthtetics is a relative concept, it is a good feeling to have the admiration of the majority. A lot of sciences from philosophy to mathematics have searched for a common point in the concept of beauty and a structure called golden ratio and Fi number: 1.618 was discovered. Nowadays,this ratio is tried to be caught in all visual arts including medicine.Reconstructive and plastic surgery targets to gain beauty,and combine the unwanted images with functionality and aesthetics.


1 - Facial Surgery: Facelifting, eyelit, browlift, nose, chin and ear reconstruction, total face transplantation,
2 - Regional Liposuction: Abdoman and vaist, thighs, hips, buttocs, arms, neck, back, chest and etc ,
3 - Breast augmatation, breast lift and reconstruction;
4 - Expander implants, direct implants, flep rotation ( Latismus dorsi, pedicled), Transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous (TRAM),  Deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap, Transverse upper gracilis free flap (TUG flap),  Gluteal artery perforator (GAP) free flap
5 - Breast reduction

Golden Rate,surgery,percutan,endoscopic,Plastic,Reconstructive,Hair,Transplant

Golden Rate,surgery,percutan,endoscopic,Plastic,Reconstructive,Hair,Transplant


1 - Skin Tümors and Remodeling,
2 - Scar Revision,
3 - Traumatik Facial Recontruction,
4 - Hand and foot microsurgery,
5 - Reconstruction of congenital deformities

To plan treatment it is enough to fill in the form from contact us part of our site, send your photos  in different wievs and contrasted ( by color material),  MRI (magnetic resonance images ) which were taken in the last three months, either by the form or link at the first stage. Your information will be assessed and you will be informed  of your treatment plan and our advice  within 24-48 hours If our doctor doesn’t have an extra demand. From then on we will call you in your own language and have the last decision. You can reach the detailed information in Surgical Mission & Organization part.

We aim to restore your health and meet up your beloved ones ın a very quick and comfortable way