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The children can not be the reduced form of adults and pediatric neurosurgery is defined as surgery of brain, spinal cord and nerveus system diseases of newborns, babies and children. The occurance, causes, symptoms, labarotory and radiological research methods during the newborn, babyhood and childhood is very different from adults. For example; Some diseaes such as congenital brain and spine abnormalities are diagnosed in the womb of the mother and have to be operated as soon as they are newborn period. The babies who had traumas can not express their complaints and some radiological researches for adults can not be done at this age group. The treatment types of vein abnormalities and childhood tumours are also very different according to adults. So they aren’t the reduced form of adults for us, their treatment approaches, the principals of their diagnosis are completely different and private to their age. That’s why diagnosis technics and treatment types of them need special planning.
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Pediatric Neurosurgery is related in;

1 - Childhood head and spinal cord injuries, bleeding, brain edema, bone fractures.
2 - Congenital or genetically inherited brain, spinal cord disease: Hydorcephalus, Sipina bifida, tethered cord, syringomyelia, diastematomyliea and etc.
3 -
Congenital or acquired deformities of the skull and face: Craniosynostosis, hypertelorism.
4 - Brain tunors in pediatric age: Medüloblastoma, neuroblastom, aracnoid cyst and other.
5 - Vascular abnormalities in brain and spinal cord: AVM, angiomas,
6 - Infection central nervous system: Menegitis, ancephalitis.

To plan treatment it is enough to fill in the form from contact us part of our site, send your contrasted (by color material), MRI (magnetic resonance images ), MRI angio and digital cerebral angio films which were taken in the last three months, either by the form or link at the first stage. Your information will be assessed and you will be informed  of your treatment plan and our advice iwithin 24 - 48 hours, if our doctor doesn’t have an extra demand. From then on we will call you in your own language and have the last decision. You can reach the detailed information in Surgical Mission & Organization part.

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