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Hair loss is an aesthetic problem with psychological effects seen in men and rarely women. Permanenet and temporary hair loss is due to genetic structure, deficiency of iron, thyroid function disorders, stres, insufficient vitamin taking, infections and fungus, sometimes physical effects and the shampoos used, the covering of head  by hat or headscarf leading not taking air or causing pressure. The most frequent one is genetics. If you have bother some hair loss and you don’t have organic disease causing it you are a true candidate for hair implantation. At this stage, the point to be careful about is to get rid of the causes mentioned above. It is a highly successful and blissful method in which the hair loss is assessed according to Norwood scale, hair plantation, in other words, removing hair follicles from an area of good growth, inserting it to the bald area is done by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). FUE which is prefered due to its comfort in the latest years, is very easy to apply and its results are very good. Transplant operations are performed on an outpatient basis, with local anesthesia  in 4 - 6 hours. Hair   punches of between 0.5 mm and 1.0mm in diameter are removed by special devices mostly from the scruff and transplanted into the bald area considering your hair style and skull structure. Maximum 4000 folliculs can be removed and transplanted at one session. After your  one day stay at the hospital, and  check on the third day with our care and advice, you can either continue your holiday or go back to your country or home. After this stage on condition that you are careful about what to do or not to do, you will realize how your look will change in 6-8 months depending on the speed of your hair growth.
It will be enough to send your 5 middle resolution photos; From both sides, front, back and overhead at our Contact us part. You will be informed about your possible treatment plan, envisaged hospital to stay under normal circumstances, your average length of stay in Antalya and an ascertained  cost by e mail within 24 - 48 hours . Afterwards if you have any questions, we will answer them and if you accept, we will give you a phone call to inform about the details.
We recommend you to inform us about your arrival date at least two weeks before. From  your arrival at
Antalya airport, your transfers, your stay at all inclusive 3,  4 or 5 star hotels depending on your will and availability for the season, all routine checks at the hospital, your examination and FUE operation will be followed and assisted by us. At these stages, our translators will serve you escorting either at morning and evening visits, or helping you on the phone at any time during the working hours or whole day depending on the number of the patients. After the doctor who performed your treatment, has given you the flight and medical permit (Fit to fly), you will be followed-up at every stage until you go to the airport, your all medical process will be under the control of your medical specialist who is also a surgeon.
You can reach the other details from Surgical Mission & Organization and  Payment Fees.

We aim to follow all your operations from your arrival here until your departure in the name of you by our experienced medical staff and assistants and to see you off in the best way.