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In our brain composed of billions of neurons, one neuron has more than 400 entrances and exits in other words connexion doors. Even the most developed transistors has less than 10 connexions. While reaching this information in the real nervous system by 5 senses, we can reach the information by programme and method of trial and error. A bunch occurring in the 1 million axon going from the eye to the brain sees the information at the same time. The eyes look, the brain sees, hears and senses. It is essential that we be very careful and sensitive in the treatment of brain of whose 4-7 % of is used and brain diseases.
Brain,Micro,Neurosurgerysurgicalinform,interlaminar,mircodyscectomy,microsurgery,percutan,,Neurosurgery,Endoscopic, The surgery of brain and the tumours in neighboring organs (pituitary gland, eye contour), vascular disease of brain (Aneurysm: Balloons of brain vessels, AVM :arterio - venous malphormations), brain bleedings due to heigh blood pressure or traumas, cysts, brain abscesses, traumatic lesions and other diseases needs experience, high technology and teamwork. The surgical treatments are done by high magnifying operation microscopes, minimal invasive surgery microsurgical techiques.  (Microsurgery: The most harmless operations for tissues with guided by the most technological devices as 3 dimensional tomography and MR-MR angio.) The neurosurgical operations, in which white and brilliant xenon light source having the capability of magnifying 5 - 20 times more than naked eye can see and microscopes distinguishing the healthy and ill tissue are used are done very sensitively.
We aim to restore your health and meet up your beloved ones in a very quick and comfortable way by our very low complication risk, high success operations done by experinced team and the latest high tech devices.

CT guided Radiofrequency rhizotomy and selective neurolysis for the treatment of organic head aches neuralgias:
Neuralgias are the strongest pains for people to face in their lives and leads you a dog’s life.Neuralgias have species such as trigeminal, facial, glossopharyngeal ve geniculate neuralgia depending on their locations. In cases which don’t answer medical treatment, dramatical cure is provided by the ablation of the nerves which cause pain guided by tomography under general anasthesia. The patients who have had numbers of treatments, dental treatments by mistake but still having the problems can be quickly recovered after a 30-45 minute operation. The patients are discharged and the effect starts on the same day.
By our experienced team about pain management and cancer pains, all sorts of operations can be done as percutaneous pain treatment, baclophen- morphine pump and port replacement, selective dorsal rhizotomy, microvascular decompression.

To plan treatment it is enough to fill in the form from contact us part of our site, send your contrasted ( by color material),  MRI (magnetic resonance images ), MRI angio and digital cerebral angio films which were taken in the last three months, either by the form or link at the first stage. Your information will be assessed and you will be informed  of your treatment plan and our advice  within 24-48 hours If our doctor doesn’t have an extra demand. From then on we will call you in your own language and have the last decision. You can reach the detailed information in Surgical Mission & Organization part.

We aim to restore your health and meet up your beloved ones ın a very quick and comfortable way