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The cost of your treatment will done considering your treatment plan done with your doctor, additional special materials rather than the routine ones during the operation (special devices, shunt, screw, rod, graft, blood productions etc), intensive care necessary for some patients, your length of stay at the envisaged hospital or hotel after the operation under normal circumstances and other costs of services (hospital, hotel and airport transfers, translation). The extra costs will be accounted if you have a previous or a systemic disease which we have realized by chance here needs extra treatment or tests or need second operations after the first. During your stay in Antalya, you can have private care nurse, a suite either at the hospital or hotel,  security, VIP services  on your demand. You can fin organization and other details at Surgical Mission & Organization.

The 75 % of the cost accounted and agreed will be paid cash after your check in the hotel, the rest will be paid at the end of your treatment during your check out of the hotel. Special services ( care nurse, suite at the hospital or the hotel, security, VIP), unexpected situations, extra medical drugs, material or implants and the different cost due to longer stays will be pre-paid not to hinder the medical service. Payments may be done in TL, euro or dollar currency. Payment by credit card or Money transfer by bank from abroad is not acceptable since it is high-cost and takes a long time.

We  recommend  you  to  have some pocket money which you determine for your self expenditure. In addition to that you had better have extra 25% of the average cost for  possible unexpected situations in your reserves.