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Question  1  : How can I contact you when I come to Antalya?
Answer         : After your treatment process is approved mutually, on condition that you inform us about the date of your flight 2 weeks before, you will be met at the airport. Firstly you will check in the hotel and then you will be transfered to the hospital preferably according to your doctor’s plan. All stages will be organized by us and our staff will escort you to necessary places.

Question  2  :How can I get information about the choices at the stage of plannig my treatment?

Answer        : From the time you cantact us via e mail the best treatment choices private to you will be determined under the the light of medical knowledge by the consultations of different doctors about your treatment, you will be informed about your treatment plan, possible risks, success ratios,possible complications,and at the last stage,the last decision will be made by our surgeon advisor and with you together .You will have information about every stage of your treatment,at the stages which you have the option of coice ,you will be asked for it and the treatment will be led according to this.The lack of medical  information may lengthen the process or may cause us do wrong treatment.Your sensitivity about this will lead positive results for you.

Question  3  : Will I have have language problem or  a difficulty of expressing my problem during my treatment?

Answer       : You will be helped by our translators and assistants during the whole organization starting from the airport not to have such a problem.Our translators will be with you all da yor during the morning and evening visitsdepending on the working hours,and will serve you by phone at any time during the day.Additionaly we have the possibility of communication via international language English at the hotel and hospital.

Question  4  : How long after the operation can I go back to my country and start  work?

Answer        : Since the treatment is not Standard because it is special to you we can not talk about an envisaged time ,  the surgical operation time changes depending on the reaction of your body to this.It  is aimed that you will be 3-7 days at the hospital ,7-15 daily checks of post operation realated to your surgery under normal circumstances.

Question  5  : Can I have a paid companion with me during my treatment?

Answer       : All your needs will be provided and organized  by our hospital and the hotel you stay in during your treatment. On the other hand ,we recommend you to have a companion either a friend or a relative with you whom you prefer to give you psychological back up.On the condition that your companion stays at the hotel or at the hospital ,it will be paid extra but priced with a discount.

Question  6  : Will I have to pay for something except for the cost of my treatment under normal conditions?

Answer       : Except for the envisaged cost for the treatment plan you made with your doctor under normal circumstances , the extra costs will be priced if  you have a previous or a systemic disease which we have realized by chance here needs extra treatment or tests, or complications occur after the operation.During your stay in Antalya ,your special will as suite rooms at the hospital and hotel,security,VIP on your demand will additionally be determined.The determined cost will be stable and all inclusive if your treatment is under normal circumstances and you don’t hvae special demands.

We recommend you to have some pocket money which you determine for your self expenditure. In addition to that you

had better have extra 25 % of the average cost for possible unexpected situations in your reserves